Stylish Shade For Less

For many homeowners, budget restrictions can mean that having a custom pergola or ramada in their outdoor living spaces will have to wait. This isn’t they way to enjoy your Phoenix or Scottsdale landscaping fully, and opting for a vinyl rendition isn’t the best use of your hard earned money.

There is a better solution. One that will give you much of the beauty of a totally custom built shade roof that will go through many years without a need to repair or replace it. The pergola in this backyard’s pool deck – patio space looks like it’s made of wood, but its not. Nor is it PVC. This handsome looking structure is made of aluminum with a hard factory finish that gives you the ambiance of rich dark wood, and at a much lower cost than a traditional wood one would run.

Something you should be aware of. Don’t reduce the quality of shade too far while trying to get the cost of a custom built wood shade structure down to fit the budget. The first thing that happens is the number of the top cross boards is reduced in an attempt to lower the price. This isn’t really the best way to go. You see, the closer together those boards up there are, the more shade you’ll get to enjoy beneath it. Get them too spaced out and you’ll have very little relief from the sun. The second thing that happens in this situation is the size of the patio cover shrinks.

You will be far happier with our great looking, high quality aluminum models. The slats that form the roof have great spacing for good shade. They won’t shrink or rust, or blow away in the wind. These are a permanent part of your patio or pool deck. They are also low maintenance – no need for painting or sealing every few years. And we can put any style of support pillars under it you want. Take your pick: stone or stucco in a wide array of colors and textures. We can also install them in any size you want.

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