Swim Bar Ramadas

Pool landscaping in the Valley often features swim bar ramadas for the welcome relief from the sun that they provide. While this isn’t a swim-in ramada, it’s in the perfect spot if this had been possible, but this was an upgrade to already completed Scottsdale landscaping.

As is popular with Scottsdale and Phoenix patio covers in the outdoor living areas of affluent homes today, here the traditional solid roof clad in clay tiles was used. However, the peeled pole roof supports were replaced with stone masonry from top to bottom in a natural stone veneer selection that picks up the darker tones running through the pool deck’s travertine tile. The same stone was used to create the low wall that runs along the backside of this homeowner’s swimming pool.

Whether you’re ready to do complete Scottsdale or Phoenix pool landscaping or adding features that weren’t possible in the beginning, Desert Crest can accommodate your needs beautifully and completely. From simple to highly complex, the first step in the process is scheduling your free consultation to discuss your needs and desires.

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