Swim Spa Surround

A recent client project featured this Anthem spa surround, and it’s not your average spa. This one is really big, more of a swim spa than backyard hot tub affair. It measures 14′ long by 7″ wide! And to complicate maneuvering it where it needed to go, the design calls for submerging it half way into the ground. Which means moving it into place called for a whole lot of muscle.

No problem. We pumped some iron and fueled up on protein.

Custom Swim Surrounds in Anthem, AZ by Desert Crest LLC

And then we called a crane 馃槈

That’s what the structure looks like from the opposite end, the spillway side.

Finishing off the new backyard feature, is the spa surround itself. This one has split-face travertine walls and steps with Travertine Fantastico coping and treads.

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