Synthetic Phoenix Lawns

There’s nothing quite like the combination of stone and lush green grass in the yard. They set each other off beautifully. Of course, between the need to conserve water, keeping your utility bills as low as possible, and enjoying minimal yard maintenance brings a lot of people to consider synthetic grass. Phoenix and Scottsdale’s climate may give you the perfect weather to have a green lawn year around, but accomplishing that entails a lot of extra work for the homeowner, or their landscape maintenance company. Trying to keep both summer and winter grass looking great through every month is possible, but not the easiest thing to accomplish.

In this particular client’s yard, there are quite a few square yards of synthetic turf. It really sets off the beauty of the travertine paver patios and pool deck. While they would be lovely surrounded by our traditional stone mulch, the stone paving would not be as pronounced as it is in this backyard. It’s that solid carpet of green everywhere that is not paved that does the trick.

Whether you add a small patch of synthetic grass in a prominent spot near the pool or outdoor living area, or surround your paving with it, it can transform the look of any backyard landscaping from arid to lush immediately. Soft underfoot and visually, quality synthetic turf will give you years of green beauty not possible with anything else but installing live Arizona grass.

A synthetic lawn gives you total freedom from weekly lawn maintenance. In fact, it has almost no maintenance needs at all.

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