Project Description

Synthetic Grass: Scottsdale Play Spaces

They’ve done a great job in recent years to improve the looks of synthetic grass. Scottsdale landscaping clients requesting it for their yard keeps increasing, especially as backyard putting greens. These can do double duty in the overall scheme of your outdoor living space thanks to the more natural yarn colors in use today.

But synthetic grass can also create the foundation for other home games too. How about a bocce ball court? When a client in Scottsdale needed to figure out what to do with their side yard, we discovered that the official backyard bocce ball court dimensions (60 feet by 12 feet) will fit on many of today’s smaller residential lots. So, we suggested an adult play space that doubles as welcome green lawn with little maintenance needed.

On this project, that empty side yard now has an aluminum shade structure with a wood grain finish nestled between a putting green and bocce court. It’s as beautiful as it is useful for a little friendly competition, and honing that swing. The close slats of the ramada roof offer a welcome respite in the shade between rounds, but it’s central feature is a gas-burning outdoor fire pit surrounded by pavers. So, here too we’ve worked multi-purpose elements into area. There is also a small full-sun patio space behind it connected by a stepping stone path.

BEFORE: Wasted Space

Before we put in the new backyard bocce ball court, Scottsdale homeowners had a huge area of barren, wasted space in their yard.
Before this client called us about backyard putting greens, their Scottsdale landscaping back there looked like a wasteland.

AFTER: Adult Play Space

Turning lots of wasted space into a backyard game space completely altered this yard. New ways you can benefit from synthetic grass! Scottsdale landscaping.can have so much value beyond aesthetics..
Imagine turning your backyard into a micro resort with synthetic grass. Scottsdale putting green is just the beginning of these clients' adult play space attractions.

Now that all traces of that unsightly bare area have become part of their Scottsdale landscaping, this yard is a bit like a micro resort. They already had a pool, and now the homeowners have lots of space for large gathering seating amid expanses of lush-looking green that never needs watering.

The bland block privacy wall matches the house after a fresh coat of paint. We shaped the mature citrus trees into landscape-worthy specimens. As the newly installed plants develop, the look will become softer, and less minimalist in a few years . Add some new pieces of furniture for lounging and visiting with friends, and you’ve got a great staycation spot with loads of assets.

Amazing what you can do with a little synthetic grass, Scottsdale!

What would you put in your micro resort? We can add a number of outdoor games to such a layout. Horseshoes? Badminton? Give us a call and we can talk about the fun stuff you want worked into the wasted space in your yard.

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