The Art of Approach

A wonderful mix of landscape art pieces and xeriscaping plants create a series of focal points along the walk that leads to this private courtyard entryway. There are some cacti scattered – both live and sculptured, but the overall texture here is soft and leafy instead of spiked and architectural as is commonly found in Valley landscaping. Phoenix and Scottsdale homes are well suited to that kind of design, but this landscaping is unique.

Instead of relying on boulders alone to add hard objects that heighten the interest in a landscape planting, here the homeowner chose to add concrete spheres, a bleached cow skull and iron pieces. The result is uncommon, but definitely gorgeous with the walk that traversing a gallery garden. It has colorful blooming through much of the year, and excellent texture too. There’s a lot going on in the layout, and yet you are never overwhelmed.

While you have the feeling that you could simply stand here forever absorbing the beauty you’re surrounded by, that rich solid cedar gate beckons. If it is this wonderful out here in the public space, what is hiding behind that wall?

That’s the art of approach. You are torn between delaying your entry and getting a glimpse at what comes next beyond that door. It’s even prettier than the reduced image at the top too.



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