Traditional Ramada


Simple and rustic, this relaxed look in creating a solid shade roof with Southwestern ramadas for your patio is similar to the way it was done hundreds of years ago. The finished look is quite lovely, and goes well with the surrounding outdoor living space’s feature elements.

This patio cover’s design allows the homeowner to enjoy their outdoor BBQ’s grilling out of the glaring sun and to relax in a cooler spot on their patio most of the day.

This more affordable solution to getting instant relief from the desert sun is created with solid peeled cedar poles fitted tight together across the timber framing roof structure. In old days, the wooden poles were lashed into place with strips of tree bark and woven dried grasses. We certainly wouldn’t stick with that tradition today, as it required constant repairing to keep the ramada roof together. The construction used in this project is solid, however. We created this unique, striking look using nails and screws for long-lasting functionality.

When it comes to custom landscape design for both curb appeal and outdoor living spaces, you can count on Desert Crest to work with you. Our goal is the same as yours – to arrive at the right solution to fulfill your needs beautifully.

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