Travertine Fire Pit

It’s no wonder that travertine has become so popular for pavers in your landscaping. Phoenix patios and pool decks reflect more heat due to it’s much lighter coloring than concrete pavers, but the obvious attraction is the variable natural tones and patterns that run through each piece. It’s simply beautiful, and while we could just as well have used a different kind of stone facing on the fire pit in this backyard, continuing with the travertine gave the entire space a sleek, fluid feel.

Phoenix fire pits are most commonly round, but we recommend that travertine is best used on square or rectangular fire pits for aesthetic purposes. Though it is possible to use travertine pavers to face a round fire pit too, it will have a lot of joints and slices of stone in order to wrap the surface with a material meant for a flat surface. The joints would also be wider in order to make this stone work on a curve. This would detract from the sleek effect you see here on this customer’s extensive patio/pool deck.

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