Travertine Outdoor Fireplace

This Scottsdale outdoor fireplace has a unique basket weave texture due to the type of brick used on the facing. We used a travertine brick that has a waved surface. The natural shade variations running through the stone adds some great depth to the pattern without becoming too repetitious as is seen with man made brick.

We’ve done a number of projects for this Scottsdale landscape design client starting with this open air outdoor room. Bricking the face of the existing fireplace is the latest addition. In the larger version of the photo below you’ll see how the shaping on this travertine brick echoes the large basket weave design on their outdoor dining set.

Brick Outdoor Fireplace: Landscape Design Scottsdale

You can get a peek at more of the outdoor living experience this Scottsdale client enjoys with views of their outdoor kitchen on the other side of this fireplace.

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