Travertine Patio Pavers


Cut stone paving is a versatile medium for patio designs here in Arizona. Unlike natural stone patios, you can get a more refined look that blends beautifully with rugged Arizona stone work than you may imagine with chiseled travertine pavers.

The wide stone work pillars and outdoor fireplace were already in place when Desert Crest met with this Arizona homeowner. Sometimes, the most difficult part of landscape design and installation projects is finding the perfect materials to make a great match or accent to existing structural features. Yucatan Travertine Oro pavers in a chisel edge provided us with the perfect blend to make these homeowner’s new patio design’s appearance seem like it was all created at the same time.

Travertine as a stone paving tile or brick has many different colorations and personalities. This particular rustic look is upscale, yet relaxed. The variety of warm earth tones running through travertine stone from Mexico is not found in paver tiles quarried in Turkey and other parts of the world.

For rich color and a hand crafted look in Scottsdale or Phoenix, patio designs from these special chiseled pavers are highly unique and beautiful.When it comes to blending the existing with the new, Desert Crest will create or locate the best possible solution.

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