Project Description

Travertine Pavers: Peoria

Putting in a swimming pool was just the beginning of renovations in this backyard. Where there was once a natural stone patio now exists this gorgeous new look done in travertine pavers. Peoria patio design here includes all the popular amenities. On the far left is the built in grill island with an attached bar that seats six. Occupying the opposite corner on this side of the yard is the remodeled outdoor fireplace, that originally had a stone face, but now is very clean and modern in white stucco with dark iron accents and mantle above the firebox. The seat walls that flank the hearth are capped with the same travertine pavers used on the patio flooring, and the back is now crisp white, pulling the fireplace itself and the permanent seating into one fluid element.

There’s lots of room for entertaining in this newly completed Peoria backyard. The expansive patio will accommodate big family gatherings, and a crowd on holidays and for special events. But there’s more attractions than just a great place to throw a party. Behind the fireplace at the rear of the yard is a good-sized putting green topped with the best synthetic turf for that purpose. And the other side of the yard is home to a timber ramada at poolside with a shaded swim bar and pool spa fronted by a vibrant sweep of synthetic lawn.

Except for a few elements that did not change at all, like the privacy fence and large trees, it’s like moving the house to a new backyard. A total transformation. Not that it wasn’t nice before, but major construction like putting in a swimming pool has a way of making reconstructing a lot of the space in a small yard. If you have to rebuild over half the patio when the dust settles, getting it all up to date makes perfect sense. Especially when you can take your outdoor living space from pleasant to beautiful.

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