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Updated Pool Deck: Scottsdale

Restoring Beauty with Travertine Pavers

Choosing the right color of travertine for your pool deck remodel is super important. There are over two dozen options available, some have variations that are subtle to undetectable when looking at small stone samples. It is natural stone, a totally different material compared to manufactured tile with it’s no surprises patterning. That is one reason travertine has become so popular – no two pieces are ever the same. Once you see travertine pavers laid out on 100 square feet or more – the difference between the ivories, browns, grays, etc. is unmistakable.

For instance, this Scottsdale client picked English Walnut travertine. They have extensive paving in their newly renovated yard, so the stone definitely casts strong influence over the look and personality of their outdoor living space. Not to overlook that it has to work well with the color of the house too. It is stunning, a world apart from the tired old paving they had before. But there is more than one “walnut travertine,” and yes they are different!

The most subtle of the three is standard Walnut. English Walnut and Mexican Walnut offer more drama, but in different ways. There is very little gold and rust running through English Walnut, it is mostly browns with gray and cream. Mexican Walnut is more colorful. Not to say that English Walnut is bland, it simply has a more understated personality.

What color fits your travertine pool deck remodel?

If a walnut isn’t well suited for updating the pool in your yard, perhaps something lighter like Crema or Ivory Beige is perfect. No matter which color you choose, sealing the stone is highly recommended around swimming pools. This darkens the stone colors a little, but protects the pool deck surface.

Ready for a Scottsdale pool deck remodel? Let’s chat about all the possibilities! Give us a call to schedule a consultation. We’d love to hear all about your idea of pool deck perfection.

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