Project Description

Travertine Pool Decking: Scottsdale

A great backyard designed for relaxation with just enough drought tolerant plants to soften the edges of the patio – pool decking. Scottsdale new build homes like this one usually have small backyards where the pool takes up most of the open space. For many busy homeowners today, that’s fine as it makes their outdoor living space low on maintenance, and high on the enjoyment factor.

Using light travertine pavers for the pool deck created the perfect compliment to the rich brown finish on the house and retaining wall under the fence. Pulling it all together to perfection is the deep natural coloring of the stone veneer on the rest of the structures in this inviting outdoor living space. They’ve got all the features so in demand today for making the most out of backyard living too, with a gas-burning fire pit at the end of the pool. Balancing out the distribution of light against dark stone is the built in grill at the other side of the layout, while the swimming pool fountain pillars keep the flow of color going in between.

The same stone used for this Scottsdale travertine pool decking repeats on the fountain pillar caps, BBQ island top, and the coping on the raised spa surround and fire pit.

The copper spouts on the fountains is just the right metal choice for finishing touches. Silver would have looked very out of place, no matter how much patina it was given. Topping of the row of pillars with matching low modern planters fits right in. On the outside pillars these contain mini fire pits that provide lighting at night as torches, and to maintain the fluidity the center pillar is topped with a small container garden of heat and drought tolerant cacti.

Makes you want to take full advantage of a comfy chair and ottoman after a refreshing dip, doesn’t it? Just right for a little entertaining and quiet nights at home.

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