Travertine Pool Pavers

Rich looking and refined, Travertine pool pavers offer you an upscale style that is hard to beat. We didn’t build this particular new swimming pool, but we did put in the pool decking, the outdoor firepit and the pool landscaping.

What should you ask from your pool pavers? Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners will all instantly say they want it to look sensational, and travertine gives you that without a doubt. Naturally, the next thought will be that you want it to be low maintenance. You won’t be disappointed with this choice here either. This natural stone is up to everything your pool area can throw at it, sailing through many years of use beautifully. It’s a sound investment in an asset too and will do wonders for your property value.

These pavers are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and can be laid in several different patterns. So if you’ve seen one travertine pool deck, you haven’t seen them all. Unlike cool decking, they make a beautiful patio too. They are perfect flooring for all your outdoor living spaces.

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