Travertine Stone Pavers

Sidewalk replacement with an open paved courtyard did this home a world of good. The standard narrow concrete walk from the driveway to the front door that builders are so fond of was replaced with wall to wall travertine stone pavers. We could have used regular Phoenix pavers, but in such a narrow space, this choice for courtyard flooring gives it so much more depth and interest.

From drab and unkempt looking to sensational. A total transformation, with only two new plants added to finish the courtyard landscaping. With such limited space, tall narrow cactus work better, giving greenery needed to break up the walls of the house, yet remaining narrow. As the new cacti age, their increased height will be welcome against the blank garage wall. Along with a select few existing plants set in individual beds, this front entryway offers easy maintenance and an always polished look.

A crowded, nondescript front entry. Sidewalk replacement, Phoenix homeowners, with stone or pavers can transform any house.

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