Tropical Landscaping

The perfect surroundings at home mean something different to everyone. Many homeowners here in the valley prefer lush green yards over the native desert look. At Desert Crest, we love the rich appearance of sweeping green lawns every bit as much as you do. There is nothing quite like Scottsdale or Phoenix lawns and lush, tropical landscaping to make a house really stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.

While our climate in this part of Arizona is harsher than in the tropics, it is mild and allows us to enjoy some excellent sub-tropical ornamental plants. From abundantly exotic blooms on shrubs and vines to graceful palms, we can create vibrant tropical landscaping. Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners, as well as those in the rest of our service area can count on our choice of plants and landscape design to fit their vision.

Full features from curb appeal to that backyard oasis patio, is always done with superior craftsmanship and creativity. Custom Phoenix and Scottsdale landscaping has been our focus for almost two decades.

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