Unique Lawn Uses


Phoenix lawns don’t have to be used in vast expanses to be effective as lush landscape design elements. This creative application is both contemporary and beautiful. An open air and neighborly courtyard that extends from the front porch of this older home is simple, yet very attractive and relaxing.

While this homeowner has chosen to have lush grass installed in the entire front yard, not everyone will want to deal with this much constant water use. That’s the beautiful thing about landscaping in Phoenix, Scottsdale or any other location in the area. Your yard is an extension of you and should reflect your taste while complimenting the structure of your house. And this is grass bred for the desert climate.

The alternating use of Arizona sod and different shapes and sizes of simple concrete areas creates a very lush and contemporary feeling within the copper fencing that forms the separation between public and private areas here. This project is actually a home and landscaping remodel. The difference between what was before Desert Crest arrived and what is now is like night and day.

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