As many Phoenix and Scottsdale homeowners learned first hand just a few weeks ago – a vinyl patio pergola isn’t a wise investment. While we don’t often experience temperatures that extreme, obviously it can happen, and when it does, vinyl melts. It also gets brittle with age, especially baking in that desert sun for a few years. So, while it is easy to clean, low maintenance, and the least expensive patio shade option – a vinyl pergola is not a long lasting home asset.

The traditional wood patio pergola or ramada is beautiful, traditional, and easier to customize a great deal. They also cost substantially more than vinyl and aren’t maintenance-free. Some homeowners in the Valley don’t mind the maintenance, but a wood shade structure often isn’t budget-friendly when added to all the other things our customers desire in the outdoor living spaces. That doesn’t mean you must choose vinyl or go without shade. We’ve got another option for you to consider.

Some homeowners know that a metal pergola exists, but you’ll want to take care in selecting a shade structure made of metal. Like anything else, they aren’t all created equal. While these definitely won’t melt in a heat wave, don’t overlook investigating structural integrity, finish quality, and rust or corrosion issues. They matter as much as, if not more than, visual appeal. Especially when the goal is to get the biggest value for your money. And in this category of patio shade structures, it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that if it looks cheap, it’s not going to hold up well either.

Phoenix Aluminum Patio Pergola Colors

Your best budget move will be investing in an aluminum pergola or ramada. It’s definitely your kick-back-forever shade structure solution. Unlike less expensive metals, this will never rust, though it could be short-lived if the gauge is too thin, making the structure or the shade slats flimsy. And while a high quality finish might not sound as important when the base material won’t rot, warp, crack, or rust, it matters hugely when it comes to cleanability, stain resistance, and aesthetic value.

The only metal patio pergola we offer at Desert Crest is made of aluminum and of excellent quality. It’s built to last long-term structurally, as well as contributing no-nonsense good looks to your patio and outdoor living spaces. The specially formulated factory finish has proven to withstand our desert climate for years on end and remain looking great. It’s also Teflon coated, making cleaning a breeze and staining non-existent.

4 Styles of Phoenix Patio Pergola Rafters

Our aluminum pergolas come in 8 great weather-resistant, corrosion-proof colors. Just the right hues to work well with both the desert landscape and materials commonly used in home and landscaping construction in our area. Not to mention the embossed natural wood grain effects and color-matched components and hardware giving the entire shade structure great style and charm. The proportions of the components have good weight too with 2×6 rafters and 3×8 headers, and there are 4 rafter end cut styles to choose from.

Most of our Phoenix and Scottsdale clients elect to customize their patio pergola or ramada with stone or stucco pillars added to the support posts. Not only does this add a great deal of class and personality to their shade structure, but it makes them flow with everything else going on in the backyard… pool decking, patio paving, fireplace or fire pit, and other permanent elements. Sounds great, right? But your benefits are even greater as the manufacturer of our materials covers your new shade structure with an original homeowner lifetime guarantee against peeling, blistering, flaking, chipping, splitting, rusting, or cracking.

You’ll find more examples of projects that included an aluminum pergola in our Shade Structure Portfolio. Some are attached to the home, others are freestanding, but all of them are clearly top quality. That extra detail in component design and finish is even more apparent in person.

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