The Pueblo people, like their neighbors from Mexico also made great use of the ramada structure. Their summer shelter was many times a pole ramada to take advantage of any air movement. The original construction of the pole ramada were made from sapling trunks tightly fitted together and lashed into place with vines or brush woven to form a crude sort of rope. Pole ramadas are right at home in your Phoenix landscaping and patio designs, much more so than fancy European designed gazebos. They have always been a great style to use with adobe architecture. This authentic Arizona ramada design will be lower priced than other styles more commonly seen in The Valley.

Some people call pole ramadas, “vigas latillas'”, but this isn’t quite right. The structural building style for this shade structure is the most authentic ramada to the Southwestern states. While they do have vigas or posts and the roof is topped with strip poles in their most natural state, they are not quite ‘lattilas’. It is possible to have a true lattilas roof on your patio ramada, but this design would require more labor and more lumber to build. To accomplish instant shade for outdoor living spaces in Phoenix, you will be wise to stick with a true pole ramadas design. Of course, one built today will not have the traditional vines holding the roof poles in place.

Lattilas are actually short sawn poles of equal length that are used beneath the flat topped roofs of the authentic period adobe home. The lattilas are fitted tightly together between roof vigas and were originally design to stop most of the dirt from the mud roof from sifting down to dust the inside of the home. Modern builders of homes in Pheonix and the rest of the southwest still use the peeled Ponderosa Pine latillas roof. When working on a slim budget to add relief from the sun on your patio or courtyard, pole ramadas are a much better choice. These ramadas will be easier to build and require fewer materials, both of which keep the cost of construction lower than other types of ramadas for shade.

Having a custom designed and built pole ramada allows you to get the perfect shape and size to cool off your outdoor seating area. There are many different ways to apply these simple and natural looking ramadas to patio designs and pool areas. A long narrow swimming pool could easily have a shaded end by erecting a pole ramada for enjoying the water out of direct sun. Corner pole ramadas built in an el or triangular shape are also possible when you have one custom built to suit your personal needs. The simple style will beautifully compliment your Valley home, without question.

You can enjoy almost solid shade on a budget working with Desert Crest. We’ll design and install a well constructed pole ramada over your outdoor living room to fit your space and needs requirements. Rustic appeal abounds from these traditional southwestern ‘pergolas’.

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